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TIME SENSITIVE: This 5 day highly-interactive challenge will help you acquire 5 scientifically-proven FOCUS increasing methods to remarkably improve your child's focus.

About The Science of Focus System:
1. Parents want their child to improve in their academics and other aspects of life. The only way to accomplish that is to increase their focus. Focus is not an intangible concept. 

2. Focus starts at home. Our evidence based, neuroscience system would let you translate our content into actions, actions into habits and the habits into a culture of focus.

3. The only purpose of the system is to increase a child’s focus by 3-FOLD compared to any methods or ways that are out there, that is, using our neuroeducational methods or what is call educational neuroscience to understand both the biology and psychology of a child’s learning.

The 4 Pillars of Focus!

Discover the EXACT methods Da Vinci Group has created, tested, formulated, packaged and sold to over 300 education entities with 120,000 children benefiting and experiencing our programmes such that their FOCUS has increased by 3-FOLDS. 

1. Sensorial Engagement
Children are very sensorial beings. Biologically, we are wired to learn with touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste. When an experience has 2 or more senses involved, the experience is remembered. Achieving this for every task your child experiences will enhance their focus. Amutha and Saravanan will show you the step-by-step process to achieve this that no one else will show you.
2. Sleep Routines
Over the years, Amutha and Saravanan have systematically studied the factors that increase focus remarkably. Sleep helps the brain regenerate and rejuvenate. It replenishes its cognitive load and gets ready to learn and absorb information again the next day. It is no wonder that many behavioural issues crop up when sleep is interrupted or too little. When children get effective sleep, they focus better. Amutha and Saravanan will teach you how to create good sleep for your children.
3. Nutrition and Eating Habits
Food is a primary need and the habits created around them form lasting neural connections in the brain. Amutha and Saravanan have spent a lot of time understanding food, eating habits and the impact to the brain. When a child is trained to attend to eating without any other distractions, it lays the foundation for doing the same with other activities. Overtime, this results in longer periods of focus. 
4. Body Movements
When we exercise, it gives the brain an opportunity to shed neurons that are not functioning well so that there is space for new neurons to grow. When the brain is fit and in an optimal condition, focus is enhanced. Amutha and Saravanan go into details on how this can be achieved in your everyday life.
Dear Fellow Parent,

Is 2021 the year you tackle the problem of distraction in your child to transform it into focus, a fundamental asset that will set your child up for success in his/her life?

Maybe with your first-hand experience of the challenges of home-based learning and your newfound insight into how your child learns, you are taking a closer look at your child's education and focus ability?

Or maybe you realise that without a good foundation in focus, there may be detrimental effects to your child's development as he/she goes into adulthood?

If you are looking to increase your child's focus for better academic success and wholistic self-development, the time is NOW!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now privy to the extent to which our children are distracted. It is not normal for a child to be unable to sit down and pay attention to something for at least 10 minutes. The attention deficit pandemic has been silently growing, taking stronghold through parents' ignorance about how focus is achieved.  

This crippling COVID-19 pandemic could possibly be an opportunity for you to embark on a journey to learn about The Science of Focus, fortify your home environment to create habits of focus that can become a culture of focus for your family.

If you aren't looking to use the golden opportunity of this crisis to take the driver's seat in discovering how enhancing focus can change both your life and your children's future, then you can stop reading here...

But if you are, keep reading...

We are Amutha and Saravanan, and we have a background in Clinical Neuropsychology and Neurobiology respectively. Throughout our careers in starting Da Vinci Group 8 years ago, we have studied how focus can be enhanced in children by working with more than 300 education entities and 120,000 children.

We have focused our career on creating proprietary programmes that enhance focus, allow for children to feel accomplished and for parents to be tuned into the learning process by tracking their children's progress. 

And over these past 8 years, we've developed step-by-step guides on how to understand The Science of Focus, develop focus in your home environment, discover what factors affect focus and how to achieve a 3-fold or 173% increase in focus in your child.

These are tactics that parents like you can learn in a matter of days.

Parents right now are worrying about what the future will be like post-COVID-19 for their children's learning and opportunities. We want to help you master focus so that your child has a strong foundation to build his/her abilities on.

That is why we have put together The Science of Focus 5-Day Challenge.

During this 5-Day Challenge, we will walk you through each factor that affects focus on our Facebook LIVE webinars...

1. We will gain a self-awareness on where you are at now...
2. We will look at what Neuroeducation is...
3. We will look at sleep...
4. We will look at nutrition and eating habits...
5. We will look at what sensorial engagement is...
6. We will look at why movement and exercise is important for focus...
7. We will look at how we can create 'flow' or peak experiences for your children...
8. We will have experts come in to talk about what investing in your child means....
9. We will have a community to lift you up and support you through this journey of discovering focus...

And it's all done through a step-by-step road map tailored just for you.

So if you are ready to get focused, take action, and win in this attention deficit silent epidemic - I want you to join me in our Science of Focus 5-Day Challenge.

Imagine what's possible when we take you through our 8 years of experience in just 5 days and leave you ready to transform your home environment into a culture of focus.

What would it mean to you to not only see this process...

But take powerful daily action over these 5 days with support from ourselves and hundreds of parents from all around the world?

Click the button below and join this Science of Focus 5-Day experience.

To your transformation,

Amutha and Saravanan 
The creators of The Science of Focus 5-Day Challenge:
Amutha and Saravanan as founders of Da Vinci Group have 30 years of combined expertise in Neuroscience and have dedicated a large part of their professional lives in making a difference in the field of education.
Amutha is currently doing her PhD with the University of Helsinki, Finland with the Faculty of Medicine in Brain and Mind. She did her Masters in Social Sciences, Psychology by Research with a focus in Clinical Neuropsychology at the National University of Singapore.
Amutha also speaks Japanese and has won the championship in the Secondary, Junior College and Open categories of the Japanese Speech Contest, which is an annually held competition organized by the Japanese Cultural Society, the Japanese Association, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Japanese University Graduates Association in Singapore.

Saravanan did his Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore with a focus in Neurobiology. He gained extensive research experience in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and A*STAR.
His work involved understanding neuronal path finding and neuro receptor associations. Following his research career, Saravanan moved into the field of business consulting and recruitment management which gave the motivations and inspiration to start Da Vinci Group .

What does the 5-Day Challenge entail?

Day 1: Self Awareness, an opportunity to observe your child's behaviours relating to focus.

Day 2: Your Environment, we introduce to you the 4 Pillars of Focus.

Day 3: Expert Session, with a renowned subject matter thought leader in parenting as well as optimal child development.

Day 4: Creating Peak Experiences, understanding the idea of 'flow' and the importance of sensorial engagement with content.

Day 5: Implementing Action Plans, a guided journey as to how you may implement what you have learnt consistently at home.

How you will transform your child's focus

  • Actions: Using our step by step action plan we will help create structure to increase your child's focus
  • Habits: We help you build a routine that would ultimately form a habit with your child
  • Culture: We create a pathway to consistently support you so that you can grow take your child's new formed habits in a culture of focus


  • Free: 30 mins 1-on-1 consultation with Neuroeducation experts
  • Free: Actions plans, behavior routine charts and charting templates
  • Additonal: 2 more days (Saturday and Sunday) of expert sessions

See What Others Have To Say...

"Going through the challenge and ultimately The Science of Focus system has allowed me to create an ideal environment for my child at home for him to stay focused"- Malini

"The Science of Focus system has allowed us to rediscover home based learning due to the Covid-19 situation and identify the gaps in how we can boost our daughter's focus"- Sally Lee

"My kids have all benefited from The Science of Focus system, we now have a solid  routine after going through the 3 month program and have seen great improvements in their school work"- Lise Chew

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